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As the Forest School slogan goes: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Wearing the right clothes for the weather is crucial to ensuring everyone has a good experience. 


Everyday please bring the following with your child:

  • Full set of extra clothes

  • Healthy lunch

  • Water bottle


Year-round Items:​

  • Waterproof and warm footwear 

  • Comfortable clothing that can get dirty and wet

  • Two piece rain pants and rain jacket 

  • ​One pair (or more) of extra clothes stored in student’s backpack (i.e. long underwear, pants, shirts, and wool socks).

Colder Season Items:

Note: it is a requirement for temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below that children are dressed in a base layer, middle layer, top layer, waterproof boots, gloves, and hat.

  • ​Loose fitting silk or wool two piece base layer (Smart Wool, REI Brand, Columbia Omni-heat)

  • Fleece or other warm non-cotton pants for middle layer (REI Brand, Columbia)

  • Fleece jacket and warm top layers

  • Rain pants and rain coat (REI, Columbia,  Lands End recommended)

  • Wool or silk socks (Smartwool recommended)

  • Waterproof and warm boots ( Bogs (not the fabric ones), Kamik, recommended)

  • Waterproof, warm mittens that are easy to take on and off (Gordini or REI side zip)​. 

  • Thinner mittens for milder days (Head brand from Costco work really well)

  • Warm hat

  • Winter jacket (Columbia Omni-heat recommended)

It is a requirement children are dressed so that they remain warm for the full time they are at school. Click here for recommendations of sites for finding appropriate clothing.


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