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We will be running a weekly homeschool group. Our foundational principles and social emotional focus will be key components of this program in addition to Wilderness Skills, Art and Music. There will be integration with programming and children who are in our full time homeschool co-op program as well. 

Ages: 5-12
Time: 9:30-1:30
Days: Fridays
Fall: 9/27-12/20
Winter: 1/10-6/13

Thank you for your interest and inquiries, very grateful for the support and interest in our programs.

Our Weekly Homeschool Group is an extension of our nature immersion early education program that we hold throughout the school year, for children ages 5-12 years of age. 

Inspired by European model, Waldkindergarten (all outside, all weather, early childhood programs), we have created an inclusive nature immersion early childhood program that provides children with the opportunity for adult supported uninterrupted and unstructured play time in nature. This closeness to the natural world and exposure to minimal risk supports a young child’s mental and physical health as well as problem solving skills, social-emotional learning, sensory, motor and cognitive development.


As a place-based program, children continually discover their “classroom” as the seasons and environments change throughout the year. 


Bend Forest school is modeled after the German based Waldkindergarten. Key principles of this model include:


Tuition for Fall Sessions, 12 gatherings (72 hours): $936*
Tuition for Winter/Spring, 22 gatherings, (132 hours) :$1794*
*includes supply fee

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