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If interested in enrolling in our program, please contact our Administrative Coordinator to request an admission application, inquire about tuition, and schedule a tour. If after visiting one of our campuses you decide Bend Forest School is a fit for your family, your completed application will hold a spot on our waitlist for your child. If there is availability in the upcoming school year for the program you are applying, your completed application AND a deposit will be collected to secure your child's place on the roster. Once your child is on the roster for the upcoming school year, your family will be asked to submit a tuition application through School & Student Services to determine your family's tuition tier placement. After your tuition application has been submitted and processed, and your family has confirmation on which tier you fall within, the total amount you pay within that tier's monetary range is your choice. Meaning you can pay any amount within or above that tier’s tuition range in accordance with your family’s means.



Our philosophy of meeting and nurturing the whole child where they are at encompasses meeting families where they are at financially and situationally. Bend Forest School believes that all families who seek compassion-based community education models, rooted in social emotional development for their children should have equal access to it.


BFS follows a two-tiered tuition model that determines how we handle operating costs and financial accessibility for families in our program. A tiered tuition model allows for us to cover our overhead cost, allocate a small amount of funding for growth, and contribute to our growing equity fund for tuition assistance, while maintaining that our rates aren’t raised beyond what each family’s affordability is.


Bend Forest School is for everyone and we do our best to ensure families within our program pay according to their means.


In support of growing our equity fund, some Bend Forest School families also opt-in to pay more than the cost of their own child’s tuition. This "overpayment" is added to our equity fund to support fellow Bend Forest School families. For example, a family might choose to pay $40, or $400 additionally per month on top of their tuition amount, with awareness and understanding that access to income is inequitable in our society.




In contrast to many early-childhood programs, our tuition model allows Bend Forest School to hire, and maintain deserved salary amounts for incredibly skilled teachers with a practice in anti-bias teaching, play-based outdoor education, emergent curriculum and social emotional support training. In conjunction to adequate teacher support, our tuition model also allows BFS to maintain the low teacher-to-student ratio and intentionality that resides at the heart of our program.





For the 2023-2024 school year tuition is between $500 - $16,000 per year, depending on a family’s finances, the program(s) they are applying to and circumstance. We work with SSS to help determine an equitable tuition contribution and tier placement based on your family’s finances. We guarantee that all financial materials provided remain under strict confidentiality.


To review the SSS online application process, create your family’s account and submit your tuition application click here.

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