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NOTE: This is a loose structure to provide some predictability, keeping flexibility to follow children's investigative process.

9:00 Arrival

Forest Teacher meets families at designated meeting place. Here we wait for everyone to arrive, do a quick greeting and grounding ritual


Self-Directed Work (Play)

Child-led unstructured playtime in the forest classroom begins.

9:45 Snack 

Prior to snack we together say a blessing to practice gratitude. Children can choose to sit and join for snack and conversation or continue with their work/unstructured play. Over snack we use this time to discuss any ideas we may have as a group and check-in with our friends as to learn their plans for the day. During this time the children might be provided with a topic and are free to engage with it as little or as much as they'd like. Unstructured play and self-directed work continues. During this time a teacher will check in with children individually, and in small groups, as appropriate.  

11:00  Optional Journey

At this point we decide as a group if, and where, we want to journey to. Once we arrive at our destination exploration of this location begins and work/play continues.

11:45 Sit Spots & Lunch

We gather to enjoy our lunches together and discuss what we have worked on, seen or discovered so far in our day. Forest teacher documents our findings, discoveries and thoughts in nature Journal. 

12:50 Closing Circle

Connect and participate in our closing ritual as parents arrive in our forest classroom for pick-up.

1:00 Goodbye 


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