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Interested in making a contribution?

If so, we deeply appreciate your generosity and are delighted to have you join us in fulfilling our mission. Bend Forest School Foundation is a 501c3 founded to support children’s social emotional development and connection to nature by  increasing accessibility to inclusive, nature-connected learning environments. Your support will help further expand Bend Forest School's Art and DEI programs and increase accessibility to the Bend Forest School programs through student scholarships, granting more children within our community the opportunity to participate and experience a strong connection with themselves, each other and the natural world. Below are the four main areas in which we are working to increase funding. Please review and see the donation options listed at the bottom of the page to assess which works best for you and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 

Thank you kindly for your consideration and generosity.


A goal of ours is that all families who would like to participate in the Bend Forest School program have the access to do so, regardless of socioeconomic status or lack of resources. Through our Accessibility Program, donated funds will go towards maintaining a scholarship fund for families who need the financial support in addition to the tuition assistance BFS provides within its tiered tuition model. As a result, donations to our Accessibility Program also support both the expansion and diversification of the BFS Program. 


Bend Forest School Foundation is delighted to help support a nature-based Arts Program for Bend Forest School. Foundational principles guiding the arts cultivated throughout the school year draw from art being a parallel to nature. Within this program, children get the opportunity to merge experiential art projects with varying modalities of creative expression, such as movement, music and story to support authentic being, regulation and connection with nature and each other. 


It is of the utmost importance that those of us at Bend Forest School and Bend Forest School Foundation be engaged in continual learning as to how to best support a diverse student body, and foster an environment and curriculum that reflects empathy, inclusiveness, and respectfulness. Through our DEI Program, the Foundation supports quarterly DEI trainings for BFS and monthly, internal anti-bias curriculum and implementation trainings for BFS staff members.


One of Bend Forest School's primary, current goals is to locate and obtain a parcel of land to own and call home indefinitely. Owning property secures the longevity of Bend Forest School's programs and allows for full campus development (designated parking area, community garden, yurts, etc.). Raising the funding for a piece of property large enough to accommodate all BFS classrooms is currently not an attainable goal within the near future without the help of one or more donors/donations, so your consideration in this area is greatly valued. 


Should you choose to make a financial contribution, the following tax-deductible options are available:

  • Online via PayPal: (processing fees apply)

  • Via check:

    • Made out to Bend Forest School Foundation 

    • Please contact Bend Forest School Foundation Executive Director, Christina Salvador, at for mailing instructions and further details.     


If interested in supporting the families of Bend Forest School and the community we serve in a different way, or if you have any further questions regarding donations, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you! 

- the folks at Bend Forest School Foundation


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